Blackjack VIP

Playing in a real casino is thrilling, but you can’t always make it to your nearest bricks-and-mortar establishment. That is where Blackjack VIP comes in; with a live dealer and high quality visuals, you can bring the fun of the tables into your home on desktop or mobile.

Blackjack VIP

Blackjack VIP

As close to playing in a real casino as you can get

Provider: NYX

Game Type: Casino Game


Available on Mobile: ✔︎

Available on Desktop: ✔︎

UK Compliant: ✔︎

Why You Should Play Blackjack VIP

Whereas most online blackjack games cater for the mass market, this live version is for those who play with higher stakes. You can adapt the screen to suit your needs and play a range of wagers as you go in search of Blackjack.

With a live dealer on hand, this game surges with electricity as you calculate your next move and try to work out their hand. You can even keep an eye on the in-game statistics to get a better idea for how things are going.

How to Play

Pick your chip value and hit ‘DEAL’ to get going – it is that simple. You’ll receive two cards face up, and the aim of the game is to create a hand worth 21, or at least closer to 21 than the dealer, without going over.

The Ace is worth 11 or 1, depending on your requirements, face cards are 10 and the number cards are worth the digit printed upon them.

Blackjack allows you a series of options when your cards are dealt. You can:

  • Hit – receive another card.
  • Stand – refuse another card and settle on your final score.
  • Split – split two cards into two different hands.
  • Insurance – Pay half your initial bet again to insure yourself against the dealer. You win if the dealer has blackjack (21 with two cards). Offered when the dealer turns over an Ace first.