Golden Ball Roulette

The aim in Golden Ball Roulette is to become a golden ball player inside the most luxurious of online casinos. So sit back, relax, and watch the wheel spin. What number will it land on? Will you be a winner? Only time will tell.

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Golden Ball Roulette

Golden Ball Roulette

Step inside the virtual casino to win the Golden Ball

Provider: NYX

Game Type: Casino Game


Available on Mobile: ✔︎

Available on Desktop: ✔︎

UK Compliant: ✔︎

Why You Should Play Golden Ball Roulette

Golden Ball Roulette is an incredible online casino experience incorporating a live dealer into its gameplay. Perfect for beginners and experienced hands alike, you can put your chips on the table from just £1. The stunning London landscape acts as a backdrop as you take a virtual seat alongside other live players to try to predict which one of the 37 numbers the ball is going to land on. The interactivity is one of the game’s plus points, with the dealer keeping you updated with proceedings and chatting to your competition.

The unique Golden Ball feature really makes this game stand out, as on every 20th spin, players will receive a special bonus as the Golden Ball winner. They can tell the dealer when to roughly release the Golden Ball on the next spin. This is given to the player who has placed the overall highest bets over the previous 20 spins.

How to Play

Simply press the betting chips you’d like to gamble, and this places them onto the table. There’s red, green, purple, yellow, blue and orange betting chips available, worth different amounts ranging from £1 up to £1,000. Players can either place bets on traditional roulette wagers, or racetrack bets including tiers, orphelins and voisins. The dealer will take your bet, spin the wheel, and winnings are split accordingly when the reel stops spinning, dependent on the type of bet placed.

The Statistics table and leaderboard are always on show besides the table, and various buttons are available in the toolbar, including Undo, Clear All, Double and Repeat buttons.

Bets Available

The different types of inside and outside bets available are explained below:

  • Straight Up – Place your chips on any single number, including zero
  • Split Bet – Place your chips on the line between any two numbers, excluding zero
  • Street Bet – Place your chips at the end of any row of numbers. This covers three numbers.
  • Corner Bet – Place your chips at the corner where four numbers meet. This covers four numbers.
  • Line Bet – Place your chips at the end of two rows on the intersection between them. This covers six numbers.
  • Column Bet – Place your chip in one of the ‘2 to 1’ boxes at the end of the columns. This covers 12 numbers.
  • Dozen Bet – Place your chip in one of the boxes marked ‘1st 12’ ‘2nd 12’, or ‘3rd 12'. This covers those 12 numbers in the sequence of 1 to 36.
  • Red/Black, Even/Odd, 1 to 18/19 to 36 – Place your chip in one of these six boxes. This covers those 18 numbers.
  • Special Bets – Press the ‘Special Bets’ button to view several bets that cover a variety of different numbers.
  • Neighbour Bets – Press the ‘Special Bets’ button to place bets according to the roulette wheel numbers, instead of the roulette table.


The Payouts on offer are:

  • Straight - 35 to 1
  • Split - 17 to 1
  • Street - 11 to 1
  • Corner - 8 to 1
  • Line - 5 to 1
  • Column - 2 to 1
  • Dozen - 2 to 1
  • Red - 1 to 1
  • Black - 1 to 1
  • Odd - 1 to 1
  • Even - 1 to 1
  • Low - 1 to 1
  • High - 1 to 1