Red Card

Football fans across the world dream of seeing their team win important trophies, but sometimes those hopes are dashed when the star player gets sent off and the big match ends in defeat. The Red Card scratchcard recreates the tension of a cup final as you try to uncover winning symbols and avoid the dreaded red cards.

Red Card

Red Card

Try to avoid an early bath in this fun instant game

Provider: NYX

Game Type: Casual Game

Payout: 91% - 91%

Available on Mobile: ✔︎

Available on Desktop: ✔︎

UK Compliant: ×

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Why You Should Play Red Card

Red Card is a perfect choice of casino game for anyone who loves the beautiful game. It has some decent graphics, with a football pitch in the background and a choice of footballs to click on, and there is a sense of tension as you search through them and look for the trophies. It is very easy to play, and refreshingly different from the vast array of slot games.

How to Play

When you open up the game, you will be greeted with a grid of 49 footballs. All you need to do is select a ball of your choice, and behind it will lie either a trophy or a red card. There are 43 trophies in total and just six red cards, but as soon as you hit a red card the game is over. Once you have revealed six trophies, you have the option to cash out and will receive double the amount you staked. If you decide to continue, the prize will keep on growing as you uncover more and more trophies. However, the risk of revealing a dreaded red card also increases the longer you play. You need to uncover all 43 trophies in a row to land the jackpot.